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Recipe Management For The Modern Household

Mealie is an intuitive and easy to use recipe management app. It's designed to make your life easier by being the best recipes management experience on the web and providing you with an easy to use interface to manage your growing collection of recipes.

Core Features

Self Hostable

Mealie is self-hostable, meaning you can run it on your own server without any reliance on cloud-services

Import Recipes

Import recipes using the built in recipe scraper and get access to thousands of recipes from around the web

Family Friendly

An easy to use interface that's familiar to everyone, regardless of their age or background

Beautiful Recipe Feeds

When you first login to Mealie, you'll see a new page that displays the latest recipes so you can see what's new in your group. Scroll through your recipes and find exactly what's for dinner today and the rest of the week.

Create and Make Changes Easily

Mealie's powerful recipe you can easily create new recipes and edit existing ones with ease. Add ingredients, instructions, description, nutrition and more, all from an easy to use editor.

Try It Out

Power users can take advantage of Mealie's support for API extras on where you can specify additional key/value pairs that will be added to the recipe for consumption by other applications via the Restful API.

Stay Organized with Machine Learning

Mealie uses machine learning technology to process and parse recipe ingredients to help you stay organized and scale your recipe collection. With one click you can parse ingredients, and enable advanced features within Mealie like recipe-scaling and shopping list consolidation.

Tons of Features

More Than You'll Ever Need

Mealie has a whole host of features that you'll love. From the ability to create and manage your own recipes, to the being able to share your recipes with your friends, you'll find what you need in Mealie.

Import Recipes

Easily import recipes from sites around the web using the built in recipe scraper.


Add new users with sign-up links or simply create a new user in the admin panel.


Sort users into groups to share recipes with the whole family


Schedule webhooks to send notifications to 3rd party services with todays Meal Plan data.

Open API

an open gives you full control of the your data with interactive documentation

Automatic Backups

Keep your data safe with automatic backups in any format supported by Jinja2 templates